BCSA Spring Parents & Players Guide 2022

UpdatedSunday April 3, 2022 byCourtney Baehr.



Important Dates



BCSA proudly provides free skill nights for all players throughout the season.  These 45-minute training opportunities are run by some of the area’s top coaches and trainers.   Players are encouraged to attend as many as they can to build foot skills and confidence with the ball at their feet. 


BCSA will email times and dates as they are scheduled, and all Skill Night information will be posted and updated on our website:  www.bcsa.net


Coaching Requirements

  • Coaches are REQUIRED to have their clearances in order to coach.  This is a PA State law!
    • You must have your:
      • 1) PA State Police
      •  2) PA Child Abuse
      • 3) FBI Fingerprint if you have lived in the state for less than 10 years or a Notarized Affidavit, which can be found on PA West Risk Management Website. 
  • SAFESPORT Certification
  • All coaches are required to complete a coaching course.
    • U.S. Soccer offers “Grassroots Licenses” for all age groups.
    • Online course are available through the D.O.C. (US Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center)
    • In-person course are available through PA West (register through the D.O.C.)


  • NO PETS in the BCSA Complex.  You will be asked to leave if you bring a pet into the complex.
  • No player actively bleeding or with blood on their clothes are allowed to play
  • Concussion awareness- As per PA West (West District) , all players 12 and under are not permitted to do headers!
  • If there is lightning and thunder you must leave the fields and cannot return to play until it has been 30 minutes from the last strike or sound of thunder.


BCSA Recreational Soccer Information

  • Soccer cleats are not required but encouraged, spikes with a Toe Cleat (football and baseball) are NOT allowed.
  • Shin guards are required – UNDER SOCKS!
  • PA West recommendations for ball size:
    • For U5, U6, U7, U8 – Size #3
    • U8, U9/10, U11/12 – Size #4
    • U13/14/15 - Size #5
  • The most important thing is that the kids are having fun!!
    • The goal of the coaches is to have the kids want to return next season.
    • Please cheer for both teams.
  • All players will have equal amount of playing time, no matter what their ability. 
  • Games must start on time to keep the schedule moving.  The referees have been informed of this as well and will start their watch at game time.
  • Do not arrive too early for games and try to leave as soon after as possible to help alleviate parking and traffic problems.
  • Please do not park on the road if the gates are closed as you can be ticketed by the local police.  Drive around and come back to the fields.
  • Parents should be on the opposite side of the field from the players.
  • Give the referees a break.  Most of them are kids, some of whom are new.  All of them, including the adults, will make mistakes.  In the great scheme of things, it really does not matter.  If you have an issue, please see Jenna Krouse, Colin Leyland, or any board member.
  • Control the behavior of yourself.  There is NO tolerance for poor behavior. PERIOD.
  • Any game cancellations will be made by BCSA, a mass email and text will go out to all players registered for the season.
  • Fields are available from 5:00 until dark.
  • Last one out of the complex at night, please lock the gate.  Check all parking lots.


  • Players from a different age group or not registered to play ARE NOT PERMITTED to play in your game.  Example: a U6 player is not allowed to play in a U9/10 game.  There is insurance carried on each player through PA West.  When a coach decides to place a player, who is not in that age group in a game, the insurance for every player is void. 


How can I help  How do I get my $25 volunteer money back?

  • Concessions
  • Work / Clean-up days


Lend a hand when needed … everything we do is because we want this to be a safe, fun, educational space for our kids & hopefully someday … their kids!


In – House Divisions

  • U5 (2017 BY) – 4 v 4 (no goalies)
    • Game time decided by coaches – small fields on Channapati
    • 20-minute skill session, (2) 10-minute halves, Coaches on field, no referees
  • U6 (2016 BY) – 4 v 4 (no goalies)
    • 10:00 game time – small fields on Founders
    • (2) 20-minute halves, Coaches on field, no referees
  • U7 (2015 BY) – 4 v 4 (no goalies)
    • 11:30 game time – small fields on Founders
    • (2) 20-minute halves, Coaches on field, no referees
  • U8 (2014 BY) – 4v4 (no goalies)
    • 8:30 game time – small fields on Founders
    • (2) 20-minute halves, Coaches off field with one referee
  • U9/U10 (2013 & 2012 BY) – 7v7 (including goalies)
    • 9:00 game time – Nicholas & Marwaha
    • 10:20 game time – Nicholas & Marwaha
    • 11:40 game time – Nicholas & Marwaha
    • (2) 25-minute halves with referees (one center, two assistant)
  • U11/U12 (2011 through 2010 BY) – 9v9 (with goalies)
    • 8:30 & 10:00 game times – Ohl Field
    • (2) 30-minute halves with referees (one center & two assistant)
  • U13 thru U15 ((2009, 2008, 2007 BY) – 5 v 5, 9 v 9, or 11 v 11 (with goalies)
    • 11:30 – Fields depend on playing format (coaches’ decision)
    • Time depends on format, Referees will be used


BCSA Board of Directors


Chairman – Jeff Schnur

Chairman – Jim Haughey

President – Colin Leyland

Vice President – Jason Steyer

Treasurer - Charlene Perhacs

Secretary – Tasha Ponteous

Director of Referees (rec) – VACANT – we need help!

Director of Referees (travel) – Jim Direnzo

Field & Grounds – Joe Perhacs

Website Coordinator – Courtney Baehr

Director of Travel – Justin Ponteous

In-House Director – Jenna Krouse

In-House Coordinator U9-U15 – Jenn Fesler

Director of Coaching – Colin Leyland      

Director of Youth Dev.vacant

Concessions ChairJessica Mago & Emily Graham-Ballew

Grant Writing Chair – Mark McClymmonds

Director of PublicityKristin Fierst

Fundraising ChairKristin Fierst

TOPSoccer Director – vacant