UpdatedTuesday March 15, 2022 by Joanne Crosbie .

The BCSA Spring Traveling Program games begin Sunday, April 3, 2022 and offers a slightly more competitive setting, by pairing BCSA teams against teams from our neighboring clubs. Traveling is offered initially at the U9/10 ages. Traveling soccer costs $100 to register plus the cost of the uniform. Traveling teams are formed based on group evaluations conducted by BCSA staff. Different levels of traveling soccer are available, depending on the strength of your travel team. Travel teams may travel as far as State College, Charleston, West Virginia, or Erie. The season consists of 6-8 games, half at home and half away. Travel teams are eligible for tournaments and attend based on coaches' decision. 
YOU SHOULD NOT REGISTER FOR A TRAVEL TEAM, UNLESS YOU ARE A RETURNING PLAYER, OR HAVE CONTACTED THE DIRECTOR OF TRAVELING. Other information, such as, board member and other staff contact infoannouncementsBCSA-branded merchandise, age group by birthday charts, and other information is readily available in other areas of the website.