U7 (2015) Age Group

UpdatedWednesday July 28, 2021 byJoanne Crosbie .

U7 (2015) Age Group

Gender specific - 4 v 4 on a micro-field with coaches on the field.

  • Micro soccer with 4 v 4 
  • Game day – 2 x 20 minute game
  • Coach teaches skills
  • Coach on the field during the game, no referees
  • Start to instruct the rules of the game to get them ready for U8
  • Weekday practices are recommended.  Practices still need to be fun.
  • Learn the “triangle”

Age group goal – Have more fun!


  • Dribbling with all parts of the foot
  • Dribbling and avoiding others
  • Receiving the ball with foot, thigh, and chest
  • Turning with the ball with inside, outside, and sole of the foot
  • Kicking with the instep and outside of the foot
  • Throw-ins


  • Spreading wide on goal kicks and on passes
  • Defensive positioning – Goal-side on corner kicks and throw-ins

Coach’s role: Chief learner and researcher of the game