Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedTuesday May 12, 2020 by Jill Aaron.

We get lots of questions asked via email. Please scroll down this list and see if any of these answers help you. If you cannot find the answer you need, please contact the Recreational Registrar at Thanks!

What is the difference between recreational and Travel soccer? – Recreational soccer teaches the basics of soccer in a fun and safe environment. We do not keep score or standings. Recreation teams do not travel outside BCSA fields and games are played on Saturdays. Travel soccer is a more competitive and advanced game of soccer. Games are played against other clubs outside of BCSA. Scores and standings are publicly posted. Teams play on Sundays and can travel an hour or more for games.

Which Age Group is My Child In? - Use the Age Group Chart provided. The Age Chart is provided by U.S. Youth Soccer, the United States’ national soccer organization, for which this club is licensed with.  The Age Group Chart is the same one used internationally by F.I.F.A, soccer’s governing body.

How Do I Register for a Season? – Go to the green login tab at the top right of this page, this directs you to the login page, enter your username & password to log into the system. If you are new to the program, you will need to create a username & password. Save these -- you will need them for each season registration!  Select the child or adult you wish to register. Follow the prompts and answer all questions. Payment is made at the end of the registration.

What is the cost to play? – Recreational Soccer Program-$75         Travel Soccer Program-$100

Where Do I Buy Uniforms?  Recreational players can purchase a set of shirts for $10.  This will include a white and blue BCSA shirt. Rec shirts can be ordered when you register, or purchased at a concession stand during the season.   Travel players should ask their coach for uniform information.

What Equipment Do I Need? - Shin guards, soccer cleats, athletic clothing appropriate for the weather, and the correct size soccer ball (#3 - U5-U7, #4 - U9-U12, #5 - U13 and older).

What is the family registration fee? – This is a $25 fee that is automatically applied when you register your child.  It is a one-time, season to season fee that applies to all members of your family.  The fee is used to help maintain our fields and grounds, pay professional coaches to run our  skill sessions, pay referees, and many other expenses the club incurs.  

How Do I Get a Refund of my family registration fee? – Families can earn their registration fee back when an adult  volunteers to either coach, or complete two hours of time in either the concession stand or field work days.  After the completion of your volunteering, the treasurer will issue a check/cash to you for the full family registration fee.  You will have till the end of the season to pick up your refund or it will be considered a donation to BCSA.

WHEN IS A REFUND APPLICABLE? - A full refund will be provided if a player withdraws from a program BEFORE the FIRST GAME BEGINS.  If a player needs to pull out of the program throughout the season a partial refund minus insurance and a percentage of team fee may be considered at the discretion of the BCSA President and Vice President.

How Do I Pay for My Child's Registration? - Go on-line at and register. You may pay by cash/credit/check.  Cash must be given to a board member and they will complete your registration once the money has been received.  If you wish to pay by check, send a check made to Butler County Soccer Association PO Box 2 Butler, PA 16002. Once the check has been received your registration will be completed. BCSA exercises a NO PAY, NO PLAY policy.

Can My Child Play Up or Play Down an Age Group? - Players RARELY play down an AGE GROUP per U.S. Youth Soccer & FIFA Rules.  BCSA heavily monitors “playing-up” in the recreational program. Playing-Up may be requested by a parent or a coach to the Director of Player Development.  The Director of Player Development will assess whether the child is best fit to play up and the decision will be final based on the assessment. 

Can I Make Special Requests for Coaches or Teams? - Yes. Explain your reason by using the comment box in your registration of your child in the comment/special request. We do not guarantee the request will be granted but will do our best to meet that request.

Can my child play recreational and travel soccer? - Absolutely! If your child is a u9/10 player, a u11 player, or a u12 player they can play both. 

Is there a discount if my child does play recreational and travel soccer? - Yes! If you register for travel soccer and wish to have your child play recreational it is just $10 more to play. The total cost for both would be $110.  If you wish to play travel and recreational soccer, please register for both and place in your shopping cart. Do Not Pay just yet. The discount must be manually entered before you pay, otherwise you will end up not getting the discount.  Please email for the adjustment to your order before paying. 

When Are Games and Practices? – Practices are set by the individual coaches of teams.  Please do not ask when a specific age group practices, as Board Members do not know that information until the coaches meeting when practice times are selected by the coaches.  After the coaches meeting, the coaches will be in touch with you within a day or two to inform you of your practice as well as season information. Please see the Registration Information drop down box for recreational game times.  All recreation games are played on Saturdays. Travel schedules will be provided to you by your coach.

How do I sign up for travel soccer? – You must attend a tryout to be placed on a travel team.  Tryouts take place in June every year. However, if a team is in need of a travel player for the Spring season, the coach can arrange for a special tryout to select a new player for their team.  You can not sign up for a travel team unless you have attended a tryout or the coach has asked the Travel Registrar to add a new player.