U8 (2012) Age Group

Updated Tuesday July 23, 2019 by Maggie Slater.

Gender specific - 4 v 4 on a micro field; coaches are replaced on the field with referees.

  • Modified soccer – 4 v. 4 with maximum of 8 on a team
  • Game day – 2 x 20 minute halves with referee controlling and timing substitutions
  • Play 3 field players
  • Teach supportive play, not positions
  • One practice per week
  • Referees help teach the rules during the game
  • All goal kicks are taken from the goal box line.  Encourage keeper to run up to the ball to distribute the ball.  NO PUNTING
  • No penalty kicks or offsides

Age group goal – Have fun with skill!  Learn complex triangle (diamond).  Support teammates both offensively and defensively.


  • Dribbling with change of pace
  • Stepping over the ball and turning
  • Cutting the with speed
  • Shielding under pressure
  • Receiving and not stopping the ball
  • Receiving and looking for teammates
  • Passing with inside, outside, and instep of the foot
  • Lifting the ball for passing
  • Heading with proper technique
  • Shooting with the instep
  • Finishing with the inside and outside of the foot
  • Tackling
  • Throw-ins with step and toe drag


  • Spreading wide on offense – getting width
  • Goal-side defense – shrinking the field
  • Support offense and defense
  • Passing and moving to space
  • Using body space (arms)

Coach’s role: Increase your knowledge of the game, continue to have fun