Since 1976 we have been providing recreational, developmental and competitive programs to the youth of the area. Our 17 acre facility located off Palmer road, behind Clearview Mall, is one of the premier soccer facilities in Western Pennsylvania. BCSA is a community-oriented, all volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring all players, parents and fans have the best opportunity to enjoy the world’s greatest sport.
BCSA's parent organization is PA West Soccer, ultimately rolling up to US Youth Soccer. BCSA's recreational programs are open to all children in the Butler and Karns City school districts and surrounding areas ages 4 to 12. The format of play by age group is as follows:
  • U5 - U7 (gender specific) - 3 v 3 on a micro-field with coaches on the field.
  • U8 (gender specific) - 4 v 4 on a micro field with a goalkeeper and coaches are replaced on the field with referees.
  • U9 - U10 (gender specific) - 7 v 7 on a mid-sized field.
  • U11 - U12 (Co-Ed) - 9 v 9 on a modified full-size field.
Recreational Soccer
The BCSA Spring recreational program begins Saturday, September 6th, 2014 and costs $65 (2nd child discount of $5). Games are scheduled by age group beginning at 8:30 AM and running through 1:00 PM. Coaches are designated, and will contact team members after the coaches meeting on Wednesday, 8/27 at 6 PM. The number of practices, day and time are determined by the coach.
Game Times for Recreational Soccer are:
  • U5 - 9 AM
  • U6 - 12:30 PM
  • U7 - 10:30 AM
  • U8 - 8:30 AM
  • U9/U10 - 10:20 or 11:40 AM
  • U11/U12 - 8:30, 10 or 11:30 AM
BCSA also offers skill nights and goalkeeper training open to all players. Times and dates will be distributed via e-mail by the Director of Coaching closer to the beginning of the season.

Traveling Soccer
The BCSA Spring traveling program begins Sunday, September 7th, 2014 and offers a slightly more competitive setting, by pairing BCSA teams against teams from our neighboring clubs. Traveling is offered initially at the U9/10 ages. Traveling soccer costs $85, plus a $50 one-time uniform fee, payable to the coach/coordinator for the team.
Traveling teams are formed based on group evaluations conducted by BCSA staff. Different levels of traveling soccer are available, with division 3B being the most competitive and division 5 being comparable to recreational soccer. Divisions 3B may travel as far as State College, Charleston, or Erie. Divisions 4 – 5 are held at a district level, with the boundaries roughly Beaver, Freeport, New Wilmington, and Nesshannock. The season consists of 8 games, 4 at home and 4 away.

Other information, such as, board member and other staff contact info, announcements, BCSA-branded merchandise, age group by birthday charts, and other information is readily available in other areas of the website.
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U8Y Sloboda vs U8W Geibel
U11/12B Shaffer vs U11/12D Frederick
U8D Rock vs U8H Sarver
U8F Smith vs U8B Bodamer
U8C Brown vs U8A Blauser

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